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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

you just did the right thing

its the nurbogring GP,and its kimi starting from the first row alongSide nick,the first pole
for the williams team this year,just as everyone guessed,the williams gave a poor start to
the Mclaren and kimi was pulling his way up building a 3 sec gap to nick in the beginning
laps itself.It all went right for Mclaren untill 45'th lap, a flatspot in the right tyre of
the mclaren-the vibration was beginning to buid up..'chris goodwin',already had the doubt
that its 50:50 for that Mclaren to take the chequered lap.Kimi 1'st,nick 2'nd with alonso
closing in.Lap 51,nick into the pits to fill just to get to the flag "Splash and Dash" asFIA says,it was a poor strategy from the williams.Kimi 1'st,alonso 2'nd,nick 3'rd...Lap
54-the vibrations can be felt even from long distant shots of the Mclaren just 6 laps to
go,the longest prayer of my entire prayer career,hoping kimi's win...even steve slator was
astonished by his handling that vibrating Mclaren,with just one lap-3 miles-1min32sec-the
last lap beging.Alonso 1 sec behind but then it was all over.The suspensions couldn't hold
on to the vibrations any longer.Its all over,another 10 pts lost-alonso's gain [damn...].Its
second time here,Hakkinen stalled his Mclaren back in 2000 with just 3 corners to go.He was
leading then by micheal with 32 sec!

A suspention failure in the last lap while leading,i
hardly think any Mclaren fan can digest it.But it would've been a great controversy if it
wouldn't have escaped the BAR Honda by an inch.But its formula one,as i say-you can't
believe kimi untill he crosses the chequered flag.But Kimi can only do it.Mclaren had called
him into the pits when they spotted the prob,but it was kimi's intention to go for the win
that ended with nothing other than an emotional race for his fans.I'm sure if it were FA or
MS,they would've pitted,GO KIMI,next race'll be yours-I'm sure!You're just taking F1 into a
next level where its all DRIVERS that matters than the MACHINES,though mclaren is a beast


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