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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

B.Tech 's really challenging

"computer organization",a full time theOry with some damn algorithms and floating point divisions and ALU designs [i don't like it-the reoson,i didn't get through the last 2 internals and me and mY friends got 'under' in this, with me leading with 33,joffin and vishnudev with 32...and there goes the list!!!],and the long awaited Xternals,as usual it was one hell of an atmosphere the last hour before the xam begins...wat to studY,wat not to studY,everY one was behind everYthing...

I now remeber one joke,its not either-its a FACT actuallY!!!
One day he got a huge book and first he meets a LAW student to know when'll he be able to study that book,he answers"6 months",then the guy meets a medical student and he said "3 months",and last he meets an engeneering student ,but it was a different answer,the fact"WHEN IS THE EXAM?" was his return question!!!

its 100% true in my case,not even mine ,maybe the whole Btech or BE students feels the same,starts the preporation just before the exam and there it goes.Now i'm 'bout to step into the 5'th sem with a rumour of having the external lab sessions of 4'th NEXT week!

but,its the US grand prix this week in the high stakes ckt of indianapolis,the one whic's used to run the indY 500 races.Hope kimi can sustain the new threats from FERRARy!and my


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