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Sunday, May 08, 2005

well done Mc-LAREN

Hi all......

I told you naa.........Kimi'll do it.....and here's the answer to alonso'.[REFER my post on APRIL 27'th-F1 is back in europe ],another exciting Grandprix,with 27.5 seconds lead to alonso and the renault,surely Mclaren and Kimi has done it perfectly in 'very respect,But my SPECIAL THANX goes to every pit-crew and the engineers who've worked in his car so to bring the car to the chequered flag with zero-error,i don't believe kimi untill he crosses the finish line.coz,he's pushing too hard that Mclaren,that, its always kimi the first to come up with a broken shaft or tyre blown out,i'm fed-up with his overlimits.But this time,a perfect victory,with in each lap putting a record lap of his carrer and the chris goodwin says...."he has not only upgraded the last year's record put by Micheal,but he has DESTROYED it"!!!!!!!even though in lap 66 ,the last lap,Giancarlo came up with the record lap,ok -good drive kimi,with this victory ,you have saved my image in FISAT.and also a good news that you've won some fans in FISAT!!!!!!!

Thanx to the performance of that toyotas,they've now grown to big threat to the others,the team mates itself [RALF and TRULLI] found themselves in a big battle for the 3'rd.Again,Nick's taking over Mark [both WILLIAMS ] was also a superb one,yet the man who fails to get the attention is MONTOYA,i still wish him to be in the WILLIAMS,coz,last year when he was in the williams,he was a challenging one to beat,he was the winner in the last grand prix of F1-2004,the brazilian GP,he won it after a superb battle with KIMI in the Mclaren,but now they're team mates,i think the level of competancy has dropped,but MONTOYA 'll be back,i'm sure.

Next race is the RACE OF THE CALENDER-the monaco grand prix,the toughest one,with zero room to overtake,all lies in QUALIFYING and RELAIBILITY,Renault will be i'm sure,tougher to beat coz they've that superb traction to pull away from the chicanes,but kimi still has the chance and i'm sure if he's going to drive that car over his limits in monaco ,then better its like a cricketer who comes up with 4 sixes in a row and then get stumped........

'll see in Monaco in may 22'nd live in star sports.............


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