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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

that phone call

Hi everYone,

its a 'rule' that you can't use walkmans riding in your bikes and do you know the reson??simply b'coz,you won't hear the outside world and sometimes you can't hear the horns blown.There've been cases of accidents due to this ,ofcourse if you're that much sure you can use it but better not!,coz its your life.

But,can we use it in our classes,LIVE,when the teacher is taking the class.?one friend of mine,i know,he uses walkman in classes,but using one ear,but he hasn't been caught for that!What if its two?,and that too in full volume??

Rahul,Joemon,Anshadh and me,its our bench and in the front sits Renjith and his gang.Its computer miss taking the class,and one thing about the teacher that,she is a 'pavam',a 'touch-me-not' stuff she is taking the classes too seriously and there is Renjith,as usual,in his walkman ,in full throttle.Joemon takes the "MUNCH" from the bag and we shared it.Rahul takes the wrappers.Suddenly Renjith sees it and he wants one piece!!But its only the wrapper and Renjith in his walkman won't hear wat we're saying.The next minute,Joemon takes the "mud stick" from the ground and nicely put it in the cover.Rahul gives it to Renjith "dey ,take it ,your piece of 'munch'"......normally,people 'll look to the wrappers whether its empty or whether its filled with some MUD,but the boss ,Renjith,so involved in his music,in full throttle,did the wrong thing and we didn't expected him to do it.He 'crisped' it so hard that all around him went laughing,then speechless,waiting for his reaction.Its a natural fact that our sound will go HIGH when we are talking with a headphone in your ears.I had the experience.When I'm in my headphone fitted into my ears ,hearing music,and when my mother calls from the groundfloor,its natural that i won't hear it,and when heared,i usually answer her in a loud manner just b'coz i want to be sure she got it[that depends on the volume you're hearing,and thats what Renjith did.He turned before and had some nice #$#$%$&* with rahul and he was loud ,loud a kilometer,coz he just wnts to be sure.The teacher was shocked,not saying a word , she left the hall.Surely,a teacher won't expect something like this from anY student.It took a dozen of appologies to get her back into the class again,the usual stuff."we won't do it again,miss.....".

And that was just another scrap happenings in mY class,maybe not that much funny or that much rememberable,but i just wnt to tell that "headphones can be more unexpected" , and there's one more incident,much more serious and not at all funnY just because 'that call was uneXpected' to him.This guy,my friend,completed his last year,and was hopefullY waiting for his turn to get into any IT biggie and then it happened one day.This guy was so good in studies and arts,he was the arts club secretory of the college,naturally his communication skill was a positive chance for him to grab the job.and his aim-"MICROSOFT",he had already posted his resume in the company [its one center is in Bangalore].Its afternoon and he had planned to go somewhere but he knew the call will be here,the phone-in interview,he waited,waited,waited and with nothing to do he went first floor to FEEL some music.He has got a ZEBRONICS headphone that can emulate 5.1 surround within,a CREATIVE sound card and with such a set I'm sure you won't be hearing the outside world.And then came the call,his mom attended it-it was from the MICROSOFT.From the ground floor,its sure,he won't hear his mom calling him.With no response she told them the matter-he had gone outside and they were keen enough to return that they would be calling again,infact it never happened.MISSED.Five minutes-thats all took him to miss that great opportunity.But two weeks later he got in another IT BIGGIE in B'lore through shreads.But that miss-it was surelY an unexpected.


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