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Thursday, May 05, 2005

the temple and the terminator

'd been to 'dathathraya' temple this eve.Ther's a special belief there,that,select a cocunut,allow the poojari to do some poojas on it and get it hanged there,and get it back after 42 days.We can also renew the date.its said our wish 'll become true.I'd done one ,some days ago,&i was in the temple to renew the date.[usually every one does this coconut thing ] i went to the counter [mother was also with me ],and there was no one in the counter,2 more men lined at the counter,and there was this man doin' something in a cptr,in the counter sideroom.He was playing,a shooter,first person coldblodded game!!!i knocked at the windows and he came!!!after satisfying 'veryone,this man backed off to his arena,then i asked him the game.It was "TERMINATOR 3",and he said its not such a nice game,but the graphics was pretty which meant the system at the counter was a heavy one.Note that this counter is within the temple,next to the block of 'lord datta' and just opposite to 'lord ganapathy'.ok,i renewed and wait for the poojari to come and bless the coconut.roughly 15 minutes later i circled the temple and again reached the counter.some otherone was playing this time,he was doin' a battle alonside an airdromme,packed with stealth fighters and heavy armours....and when i looked was the 'young poojari' playing!!!!!!!!well,revolutionised...isn't it????????????????


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