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Monday, May 02, 2005

searching spiritual india.

Hi ,
i'd been to B'lore last december and was there for a week,screwing up my brother's time ...buying T-shirts and CDs , doin' bunchee jumping...experiencing all that typical B'lore stuffs in living.I had no return ticket,so i used my brother's [he'd planned to come to kerala the later weekend and he went for his usual TREKKING with his orkut friends exploring the southern hilly areas 'round M'lore and C'nore,reaching home an 8 hrs late than planned].
OK,lets go with my train journey.I'd the second class ticket and my section were seated with 2 software enggrs [one from ACCENTURE and the other GE,both completed MCA from CUSAT ],one student doin' nursing,and the other ISRAELi girl and a French guy.Israeli's name was "YALLEAGO" and the frnech -"ALEX".and the indians were sharing their experiences in india.Yalleago first visited 'varanasi' and she says its the most "screwed up " place she'd ever been,and that she doesn't wnt to remember any on varanasi!The thing's that she's from ARMY ,resigned and's currently doin a research in psycatry.She's here searching to find more elements she could add to her credit.She was actually goin to meet her cousins living in MATTANCHERY,she's a JEW.that,she says her parents were here and she was flown to israel...and now she's back again after years...a kind of film stuff!She had her HEBREW books,with more symbols than letters....and she said all 'bout her in india....and last ,that she liked the high living life of B'lore...,when she said it,the french guy interrupted her...a typical french man,7 feet..wearing our tradition JUBBA and PYJAMA...well,he's different from others,that he's here in discovering a more spiritual india than just enjoying the beaches and hills....his favorite's our "GANAPATHY",he says he's strongly influenced by the hindu customs and beliefs.He was in B'lore to see 'SATHYA SAI BABA',then i told him "I'M too a sai follower" ,then he asked me whether i had that golden chance to sit just infront of BABA,well i ain't,but he'd!He said he feels to be in heaven in sitting infront of him.....all fell silent when he was sharing this!Then he briefed that he is tired of HIGH LIVING and he's here to feel the true power and essence of Spirituality,that only INDIA has it!
But he 's'n't a crack,he says he has enjoyed his life to the limits..even travelled in the 'intercontinental express train'-THE FRENCH 'TGV',that the train goes so fast,we barely can've attention to a particular spot.400KPH in a train...thats just an awesome experience.But the 2 said,they like this journey,a slow and calm journey...sharing thoughts and ideas..train journey in india is just an 'another' experience.Both the 'outcomes' slept at 'round 22:00 hrs.Actually i got the upper birth reservation,but i have no interest in sleeping in trains,the fact 's that i wnt to enjoy the environment at night time,you know,its beutiful to enjoy the earth in dark and then,yalleago with a lower birth asked whether i'm ready to give up my upper birth,ofcourse I'm.....i like to explore in the dark..its beutiful to see the typical trees,hills and houses of TN,KAR,and KER in the dark,when every lights are off in the train,when every one's sleeping,you'll feel something special .Its my case.At that time ,we're alone,with the eyes wide open,feels like-its just you and the train alive in this whole world,like the HUTCH trailer says-"you and this beutiful world......"traversing the places,like i said,its just an 'another' experience.
at 'round 4:00 am ,we reached palakkad ,and then i got the company of this nursing student,she's entering the final yr,her brother's also doin nursing there.and ,when i asked her 'bout the life in B'lore,well,it was not a good ans,she says she's all fed-up with her life there...she told me 'bout her hostel,the facilities,the kind of food they get,the partiality some teachers 're showing....well compared to that,my life in FISAT is surely a party for me.My friend,when he completed +2,he got 7500 in the kerala entrance and was not able to get a seat in mechanical his favorite college,then he went to ERODE to do the same course in some other college there.But after 2 months ,he returned,his experience was also the same,but she hasn't quit.He repeated the next year and got 1000!!!now,he's doin his favorite course in mechanical in his favorite college "MA COLLEGE",good job done my friend......the kind of guts he showed..its just great...


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