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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A puBlic seCret

Hi all,
the story i'm 'bout to say nxt ,its 'bout sujith-my friend ,doin' his degrre in "UCC"!!!!!!its true and if my friend 's true,its happened last week and he's the center of point.the name-' SUJITH '.a different character in anyway,but the prob's that he'll heLp anyone in the max possible way,even if he has nothing to do with it ,and when things go little public.....well read on wat happened....due to some reosons,i ain't gonna tell you the names of some characters except our hero,coz the characters here're not FICTIOUS and UNREAL............
Sujith's friend Mr'X' has this girl-friend 'Y' and sujith says they're in LOVE [whats that..?].Last sem thay've been too busy sharing their thoughts that 'Y' got 4 suppLies ,naturally ,she was upset with her result,eager to confirm the results,X and Y sets up the plan to goto MGuniversity and know the truth and they call our hero's help [sujith's],well,hero knows the way to kottayam and he agrees to give them a company and 'X' told him to make the jorney a secRet!and the result was TRUE,she has 4 supplies,now they're happy,relieved coz what they heard was true...on their way back,this X and Y becomes so close that sujith becomes really an ASSET to them ,and they even told it directly to our poor hero.When reached "thalayolaparambu",'X' tells him to leave the car and catch one bus!!!!!well,sujith let the car go....
now another incident....sujith's best friend 'X2' already had a friendship with a girl,'Y2' and he wnt to Xtend, but she realises it and nicEly ended,this sem,he's in a so called friendship with his classmate and he wnts to play the same trick with this girl and he tells sujith the matter.Sujith always tells me 'bout this Crazy friend,but now he's more serious....but sujith smells the problem...she's already in xxxxxxship with a seniour which they calls-LOVE!!!!but the fact is that she's also close to'X2',but not as X2 imajines,that,they always sits by sharing their hands over each's shoulder,which the poor seniour didn't knOw.
ok,rewind,lets come to the journey of X and Y to the university.On their way,sujith tells X the case of X2 and his problem.the girl also hears its a public secret!!!!!!then happens our hero's depart at thalayolaparambu!
The next day:another fresh morning:
during the interval,the seniour comes to the class,and wat he saw...well 'his' girl with her hands on the shoulders of another one.....sureLy,terrible to digest for any Real nxt moment,he's violent and attacKs 'X2',and after ,'X2' to the seniour:"who said you this...?",all the class went in a slow motion mode or bullet time mode of matrix,and there comes the seniour :"its SUJITH",all the class-all the students-sujith in the middle,he says even his herat beat's heard in that moment's silence!!!!!all over,seniour says 'goodBye' to the girl,girl says goodBye to'X2'..and now 'X2' looks at sujith,the best friend,well he can't say anything..........and later the seniour says the truth "it was 'X' who told him the matter".
The afternoon:lunch brake:
'very one 's having their lunch,and suddenly one loud question to Mr'X':"hey 'X',how was ur trip yesterday????" and some other comment from the back:"well,Y'day sujith reached home at 7:00 pm"!!!!!!! 'X' looks 'Y', 'Y' looks sujith,well he's again silent,just understands his condition!!!!!!!
The Dusk:'round 6:30 pm:
i make the call to sujith,well his brother attended it and replied "he's sleeping-a bad HEAD.ACHE!!!!!!!!!!After some minutes,sujith Re-called me and said"i thought,it were some bloody class-mates".......................................


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