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Saturday, May 07, 2005

may 7 my 7

its my B'day.Chettan's sent me one B'-card and a small present...a cup with a car.....THANX're one of the perfect-chettans of all time!!!!its not a joke that,now a days we're like the BILL and TED,our friendship has reached an extreme,i think.

SPANISH GP qualifying ,well another pole for my hero -KIMI RAIKKONEN ,and i wish it won't be a repeat of the IMOLA GP.....the qualifying itself showed how much QUICK he is,though starting from the back due to the no result from last race he has managed it to take to the 3'rd in PRE-qualifying ,and a superb POLE in the last qualifying with only hours to go for the race.Please Mclaren engineers,bring that car to the chequred flag!!!!!!

KIMI,show them what u're filled of,show them who u 're,and drive your way to the chequred flag to answer Alonso.."we are the car to beat..."so plaese RON DENNIS,this timeit should be you saying "BARVO,BRAVO,BRAVO...KIMI" like FLAVIO BRIATTORE says to Alonso each them the true power of Mc-LAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even though i've exams from 10'th ownwords i won't miss this ADRENALINE RUSHIN' RACE, the battle between KIMI,ALONSO and TRULLI......WOW.....and keep an eye on MONTOYA ,he's starting with Micheal from 4'th grid..his start has always been a superb one,its not a problem for him to take to the gravel,the problem with him...well only one...that "HE RISKS TOO MUCH...."


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