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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

how do i guess at the future ?

how do i guess at the future ? ,well its one serious question evry one's'having in their i've the answer for you............its 'PRESENT' know,i'm just that avarage guy looking serious to my road ahead.I've always come up with this question and 'll spoil my entire time.
fOR me ,LIFE is more riskY than trying to eyeball the pretty girl living opposite .
i was indeed hoping for an answer.Then,i read "THE ALCHEMIST" by PAULO COELO.Its a good book,its not an advisory book,nor philosophical.Its a story 'bout a guy who travells in search of his dream of finding the treasures to the pyramids of egypt.Well,the caption itself is "A MAGICAL FABLE ABOUT FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM ".not that 'i'm that perfect guy who found the secret of life.But indeed it brought me some magical fable in me,maybe its for the time being,but one thing i felt,its true that 'LIFE IS NOT JUST TO ENDURE WITH',its to live,for me LIFE is "Live In ForEver"............

The author lights that ....The secret is here in the present.If you pay attention to the present,you can improve upon it.And if you improve upon the present,what comes later will also be better...."well,simple to hear,but we all know its difficult when it comes to reality.
Every January and July 1'st week,when my new semester begins,i make the pledges and prayers "atleast make this semester your's",every one feels the same way.Everyone 'll prepare for the first day,then after reaching the college, the first day,its all over,we are back to what we i right????Then its all as usual.."Eat when its time to eat.And move along when its time to move along".The assignments,internal exams......all just at the right time,for assignments -that morning and for internal exams-' the good yesterdays'.
In the story ,the camel driver says this to the boy......"When i'm eating,thats all i think about.If I'm on the march,i just concentrate on marching.I have to fight,it will be just as good a day to die as any other.
Because I don't live in either my past or my future.I'm interested only in the present.If you can cocentrate always on the present,you'll be a happy man.You'll see that there is life in the desert,that there are stars in the heavens and that tribesman fight because they're part of human race.Life will be a party for you,a grand festival,because Life is the moment we're living right now."........................
well,it feels to be living atlest for me,thats why i decided to blog on this,very special thoughts , dreams ......anyway I'm not here to advice you people,but i think it'll bring us atleast 5 minutes to think on that wild guess.................


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