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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I was searching for some pics for our IEEE STUDENT CHAPTER first edition -"TRYST",and the topic of the search was "creating network of minds",i was looking for some robots in a group or any such machines grouped so to suit the topic,but then,i got this pic.....

creating network of minds

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Monday, May 23, 2005

raikkonen rules the streets

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the perfect superCar street challenge

2'nd consicutive win ,and that too, in the streets of MONACO ,surelY he's a champ,and just be the champ!Go kimi,Go.So,please Mclaren, make sure he gets the right car for Europe.once again,thanx to the Mclaren engineers,they just judged a perfect one stop strategY all the way to the chequered flag.......and MONTOYA....that was a great drive of yours,i just loved the way you drove,the kind of REFLEX you're awesome man....just awesome........

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

that phone call

Hi everYone,

its a 'rule' that you can't use walkmans riding in your bikes and do you know the reson??simply b'coz,you won't hear the outside world and sometimes you can't hear the horns blown.There've been cases of accidents due to this ,ofcourse if you're that much sure you can use it but better not!,coz its your life.

But,can we use it in our classes,LIVE,when the teacher is taking the class.?one friend of mine,i know,he uses walkman in classes,but using one ear,but he hasn't been caught for that!What if its two?,and that too in full volume??

Rahul,Joemon,Anshadh and me,its our bench and in the front sits Renjith and his gang.Its computer miss taking the class,and one thing about the teacher that,she is a 'pavam',a 'touch-me-not' stuff she is taking the classes too seriously and there is Renjith,as usual,in his walkman ,in full throttle.Joemon takes the "MUNCH" from the bag and we shared it.Rahul takes the wrappers.Suddenly Renjith sees it and he wants one piece!!But its only the wrapper and Renjith in his walkman won't hear wat we're saying.The next minute,Joemon takes the "mud stick" from the ground and nicely put it in the cover.Rahul gives it to Renjith "dey ,take it ,your piece of 'munch'"......normally,people 'll look to the wrappers whether its empty or whether its filled with some MUD,but the boss ,Renjith,so involved in his music,in full throttle,did the wrong thing and we didn't expected him to do it.He 'crisped' it so hard that all around him went laughing,then speechless,waiting for his reaction.Its a natural fact that our sound will go HIGH when we are talking with a headphone in your ears.I had the experience.When I'm in my headphone fitted into my ears ,hearing music,and when my mother calls from the groundfloor,its natural that i won't hear it,and when heared,i usually answer her in a loud manner just b'coz i want to be sure she got it[that depends on the volume you're hearing,and thats what Renjith did.He turned before and had some nice #$#$%$&* with rahul and he was loud ,loud a kilometer,coz he just wnts to be sure.The teacher was shocked,not saying a word , she left the hall.Surely,a teacher won't expect something like this from anY student.It took a dozen of appologies to get her back into the class again,the usual stuff."we won't do it again,miss.....".

And that was just another scrap happenings in mY class,maybe not that much funny or that much rememberable,but i just wnt to tell that "headphones can be more unexpected" , and there's one more incident,much more serious and not at all funnY just because 'that call was uneXpected' to him.This guy,my friend,completed his last year,and was hopefullY waiting for his turn to get into any IT biggie and then it happened one day.This guy was so good in studies and arts,he was the arts club secretory of the college,naturally his communication skill was a positive chance for him to grab the job.and his aim-"MICROSOFT",he had already posted his resume in the company [its one center is in Bangalore].Its afternoon and he had planned to go somewhere but he knew the call will be here,the phone-in interview,he waited,waited,waited and with nothing to do he went first floor to FEEL some music.He has got a ZEBRONICS headphone that can emulate 5.1 surround within,a CREATIVE sound card and with such a set I'm sure you won't be hearing the outside world.And then came the call,his mom attended it-it was from the MICROSOFT.From the ground floor,its sure,he won't hear his mom calling him.With no response she told them the matter-he had gone outside and they were keen enough to return that they would be calling again,infact it never happened.MISSED.Five minutes-thats all took him to miss that great opportunity.But two weeks later he got in another IT BIGGIE in B'lore through shreads.But that miss-it was surelY an unexpected.

Monday, May 09, 2005

jim carrie

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the truman show

Hi , T'day ,saw a film in H.B.O-"THE TRUMAN SHOW",though second time,i like this movie a lot coz its a different movie from JIM CARRIE.I've seen many films of him like 'ace ventura-when nature calls,the mask,bruce almighty'......but in all films he plays the role of a rather "indifferent" man,he hasn't got many serious roles,and sometimes he's over the limit,but TRUMAN SHOW,its an awesome script.The concept "LIVING REAL IN A SET WORLD",its just a different JIM movie,the movie runs fast with no boring scenes,surely a nice pick for any age.
well,check this URL to find wat others comment on this film.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

a matchless machine and a driver

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well done Mc-LAREN

Hi all......

I told you naa.........Kimi'll do it.....and here's the answer to alonso'.[REFER my post on APRIL 27'th-F1 is back in europe ],another exciting Grandprix,with 27.5 seconds lead to alonso and the renault,surely Mclaren and Kimi has done it perfectly in 'very respect,But my SPECIAL THANX goes to every pit-crew and the engineers who've worked in his car so to bring the car to the chequered flag with zero-error,i don't believe kimi untill he crosses the finish line.coz,he's pushing too hard that Mclaren,that, its always kimi the first to come up with a broken shaft or tyre blown out,i'm fed-up with his overlimits.But this time,a perfect victory,with in each lap putting a record lap of his carrer and the chris goodwin says...."he has not only upgraded the last year's record put by Micheal,but he has DESTROYED it"!!!!!!!even though in lap 66 ,the last lap,Giancarlo came up with the record lap,ok -good drive kimi,with this victory ,you have saved my image in FISAT.and also a good news that you've won some fans in FISAT!!!!!!!

Thanx to the performance of that toyotas,they've now grown to big threat to the others,the team mates itself [RALF and TRULLI] found themselves in a big battle for the 3'rd.Again,Nick's taking over Mark [both WILLIAMS ] was also a superb one,yet the man who fails to get the attention is MONTOYA,i still wish him to be in the WILLIAMS,coz,last year when he was in the williams,he was a challenging one to beat,he was the winner in the last grand prix of F1-2004,the brazilian GP,he won it after a superb battle with KIMI in the Mclaren,but now they're team mates,i think the level of competancy has dropped,but MONTOYA 'll be back,i'm sure.

Next race is the RACE OF THE CALENDER-the monaco grand prix,the toughest one,with zero room to overtake,all lies in QUALIFYING and RELAIBILITY,Renault will be i'm sure,tougher to beat coz they've that superb traction to pull away from the chicanes,but kimi still has the chance and i'm sure if he's going to drive that car over his limits in monaco ,then better its like a cricketer who comes up with 4 sixes in a row and then get stumped........

'll see in Monaco in may 22'nd live in star sports.............

Saturday, May 07, 2005

thnX dude......

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may 7 my 7

its my B'day.Chettan's sent me one B'-card and a small present...a cup with a car.....THANX're one of the perfect-chettans of all time!!!!its not a joke that,now a days we're like the BILL and TED,our friendship has reached an extreme,i think.

SPANISH GP qualifying ,well another pole for my hero -KIMI RAIKKONEN ,and i wish it won't be a repeat of the IMOLA GP.....the qualifying itself showed how much QUICK he is,though starting from the back due to the no result from last race he has managed it to take to the 3'rd in PRE-qualifying ,and a superb POLE in the last qualifying with only hours to go for the race.Please Mclaren engineers,bring that car to the chequred flag!!!!!!

KIMI,show them what u're filled of,show them who u 're,and drive your way to the chequred flag to answer Alonso.."we are the car to beat..."so plaese RON DENNIS,this timeit should be you saying "BARVO,BRAVO,BRAVO...KIMI" like FLAVIO BRIATTORE says to Alonso each them the true power of Mc-LAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even though i've exams from 10'th ownwords i won't miss this ADRENALINE RUSHIN' RACE, the battle between KIMI,ALONSO and TRULLI......WOW.....and keep an eye on MONTOYA ,he's starting with Micheal from 4'th grid..his start has always been a superb one,its not a problem for him to take to the gravel,the problem with him...well only one...that "HE RISKS TOO MUCH...."

Friday, May 06, 2005

a close encounter with our horosCope.

Hi all,

the things i'm 'bout to blog now , it happened some one month ago , in my RED FERRARI and my little black kinetic.I don't believe seriously in "HOROSCOPES" ,or in malayalam we say "varaphalam",but i do had one strange co-incidence with one published in a 'pynkily magazine'-'kerala koumudY'-subscribed by one of my friend's mother.One day during combine study,we had a look at this strange horoscope...........& we were surprised..well read on..

I 've a red maruti 800 , bought in JAN 5 2005 ,pretty good one ,my friends use to call it 'my red ferrarY'!!!sometimes i use to take it to my college,and sometimes i use to take it beYond the 100s.......going in a maruti in 101 kph is pretty hard to digest,na???,but of the 22 kms to my college 10 km is HIGHWAY, NH-47!!,and its pretty well maintained bY the L&T group,so its easy to pick speed in the highway.Upto now,there've'n't been any accident cases reported , but mY friends fear!-the 2 wheel cups in the rear are alreadY gone...but the car is handling well..,like the MICHEAL & FERRARY of last year!!!!!ok,lets get to the matter. i had had some close encounters and escapes in the highwaYs and other cross roads , in 'very trip ,i'll have some incidentz to remember ,and mY closest incident..too vYtilla bypass..the highway,clear road..i'd been there to drop my friends vivekanand & wasim .Clear road,i took it to the 100s and in 1 second ,i spots the danger.One toYota corolla taking the 'U' turn,man he's mad,he saw me coming at such speeds,and he's turning it too slowly,i thought something @#@#@#.....vivek gripping too hard with the plastic panel,wasim , joffin ,'verY one screaming the same thing "ENTAMMMO..."....i hit mY breaks hard,hard that it won't go anYmore down,and using hand brakes at such speeds in a maruti 's strictlY dangerous so i didn't trigerred mY hand brakes,a nice decision.I couldn't change the lane coz it was taking the 'u' turn ,we're Closing...........closing.........closing........closing.......closing...closin....OOPS its just near,and in 'bout 1 second we're goin to hit the rear,maYbe the rear spoiler....but in 'bout 3000's of a second ,less the time we take to blink our eye, the corolla completes its 'U' turn and we pass bY by 'bout 10 cms!!!!!unbelievaBle,maYbe the corolla driver didn't noticed us coming at high stakes,but it was close,waY too close.....the next second we pass bY,mY palms were sweating heavilY,taking deep deep sighs....'verY one was silent,looking forward,happY to see the roads and cars pass bY,happY that they're ALIVE!!!!!! the same daY i had some other encounters also,but not as close as this.

ok,its 'one' of mY 'manY' escapes with mY 1000kms old red ferrarY!i ain't gonna tell u all,coz ,it'll take one full week blogs!ok,thats the case with mY ferrarY,now its time for kinEtic zx,mY rocket scooter,i don't know whY its so good when it comes to accelaration and damn bad when it comes to deccelaration!!!ok,lets move to 'one' of mY kinetic incidents,happened just one month aGo!

it was joffin's sister's marraige-fiXing daY,and majoritY of the hostelites were here,including the violinist-vivek,the daY is special becoz,its the same daY india defeated pakistan in the one day cup at cochin!2 days, we're gonna've the internals,but like anY day its just an another internal!vivek has promised me to come to mY home,so,after the function,in the afternoon,me-vivek and arun,3 in a kinetic decided to return home,mY plan was to drop arun in his home and come home with vivek.It was an exciting journey in the 60's-70' in the kinetic,we were closing the societY road,and i spotted one march of BAFFALLOES,they were going straight,so i decided not to slow down and went in full throttle.But then one of the baffalo took the 90 degrre turn to the left and so do the others.....bad time...bad sppeed...bad brakes.....again - screaming started...i've noticed one thing,every malayalees in time of danger 'll scream the same thing "ENTAMMO....",and so did we.i triggered both the brakes HAAARD,vivek in the middle helped me over mY hands to break as close as possible to avOid hitting the baffalloes,the man who controlled them shocked bY our 'coming',and he didn't move anY was not the case of maruti in the bypass.we were closing them too fast.damn brakes.the accident was Unavoidable.some travellers passing By,some humans in their roof tops,was anxiouslY watching us,waiting for our next move.but mY quick&responsive mind sensed it-the CONCRETE FOOTPATH with the last concrete piece bulging out from the previous one...we deliberatlY took the 30 degree turn to our left....the next second....some @#@$#@ sounds and the view was exciting , the kinetic with its frond section on top of the bulged slab , like a reigning horse with the front legs pointing high into the skies.......but its over,the accident has been avoided,hearing the sounds the one baffallo stops bY and had a look at us,then went on with the others -like "nothing has happened here"!!!!!Inspecting mY kinetic furthur,there were no serious damages externallY.another escape..........

The next day:one daY to my internals:

its 'engineering mathematics 3',like grand-prix 3 and quake 3,the 3'rd part was tough for me as usual maths,so i decide to 've a 'combined' session with mY friend arun,and we started at 'round 9:00 in the morning.both of us were goin' too slow,trYin' to understand the next steps......when it became too hard to get the steps,we decided to 've some rest,and we took one of the books subscribed,"Kerala KoumudY",and we reached the page were 'horoscope' has been written [varaphalam]!.Usually,in all books,it'lle be written for our side-like"'ll've good t'rrows,economical status 'll be high...usual stuffs...",but this one was different,it was small..and it looked real......for arun it has written "'ll suffer from some heavY fever or like diseases,'ll 've lazYness in studYing..."-well its true he saYs...and i agrees,coz he had a haevY fever that last week,then he turned to mine,mine was 'TAURUS' or 'aswathy' in malayalam nakshatras,it was amazing piece of guess that-"there 'll be a decrease of help from ur brother's side",well i don't know why,but that month i know,i got onlY 50rs/- from him,maYbe such stuffs.....but the next sentence,it surprised both of us ,it was written:: " if you are handling anY car , drive it carefUllY " ,"but your colour is RED which maY save you"!!!!!!!!!wow, i thought of mY 'RED FERRARy ' and mY escapes.........

The next daY::the EXAM...................

Reaching the college , it was a different approach there , NO one has STUDIED or prepared for the exams,seniours were alreadY planning Boycotting it ,so did we was 9:15 ,just 15 minutes to go for the exam ,we planned it , we also decided to staY awaY from the exam and plotted some students here and there so to stop the 'stoodious' or ' padippists ' of our college ,and it worked ,EXAM posponded to the next week , and when we were sitting in the low gardens of the college ,someone discussed 'bout mY driving , and mY escapes so far.....and i told them 'bout the 'horoscope ' i read at arun's home.Then suddenlY,Vivek [who has been with me in my escape at vYtilla bYpass and the Baffallo escape in kineTic ],told me ,he had read his horoscope last week in his home and it said:: " you will MIRACULOUSLY escape from some accidents ".well i think its this book,the GUESSER is .

PRESENT MONTH::some daYs ago:

mY MOTHER had got an examintion dutY[as an external lab examiner],so i dropped her at the bus stand and went to a nearbY temple.There were not manY buses direct to the TEVARA FERRy ,she use to go in a bus at 7:40 [its a direct one] ,the time now's onlY 7:30,back mY way to home ,it happened another clash.I was goin' at 'round 40 or 50 KPH ,you know mY brakes are too slow to react ,and when reached the BANK JUNCTION my attention went to some beuties waiting in the bus stop , and the next second wat i saw was a car breaking heavilY infront of me ,no time to think,no time to react,a direct impact-'dishooom '.all travellers in the stop and bus paid attention to mY impact.My head struck heavilY on the window panel ,the wheels locked up with the mud-guard so that i couldn't move it anY furthur.It was 7:35,mother's bus'll be here in a minute,wat to do???even though the impact was heavY,it didn't cause too much trouble.Then i noticed the car infront,it was a RED MARUTy,one of 'vijaY driving school',and the student was a "GIRL",so i couldn't argue anYmore,suddenlY the master came out and he went on a tight session with one hero honda rider.Actually the rider plaYed some "JACK'N'JILL" infront of the car and the student triggered her hand brakes and i was the victim for that.Hell she used her hand brakes in her first ride"but i doubt,maYbe she triggered it thinking that she's lowering the gears"""...The master then came to me,and had a look at the kinetic's front...Well it had been damaged bY mY brother 2 years ago,and i hadn't changed it,more over i had some accidents including the baffallo case ,so the front was actuallY tampered , but the MASTER thought that it was happened during that hit,then he said to me emotionallY wat the student has done and he asked me "pokkotte mone..?",I said OK.He is happY,and I'm DOUBLE HAPPy coz he hadn't noticed wat i 've caused in the back of that Maruty.another chapter closed.The time i started my kinetic there,it was 7:45 and the bus to TEVARA FERRY was taking the turn to the junction,and she saw me and we both waved our hands....I was wearing a RED T-SHIRT and the car was RED,ernakulam buses were RED,KSRTC buses were RED,Tanker KR BAKERS,everYthing RED,maYbe if the GUESSER is true,those reddiSh almosphere may've saved my life.................

Thursday, May 05, 2005

the temple and the terminator

'd been to 'dathathraya' temple this eve.Ther's a special belief there,that,select a cocunut,allow the poojari to do some poojas on it and get it hanged there,and get it back after 42 days.We can also renew the date.its said our wish 'll become true.I'd done one ,some days ago,&i was in the temple to renew the date.[usually every one does this coconut thing ] i went to the counter [mother was also with me ],and there was no one in the counter,2 more men lined at the counter,and there was this man doin' something in a cptr,in the counter sideroom.He was playing,a shooter,first person coldblodded game!!!i knocked at the windows and he came!!!after satisfying 'veryone,this man backed off to his arena,then i asked him the game.It was "TERMINATOR 3",and he said its not such a nice game,but the graphics was pretty which meant the system at the counter was a heavy one.Note that this counter is within the temple,next to the block of 'lord datta' and just opposite to 'lord ganapathy'.ok,i renewed and wait for the poojari to come and bless the coconut.roughly 15 minutes later i circled the temple and again reached the counter.some otherone was playing this time,he was doin' a battle alonside an airdromme,packed with stealth fighters and heavy armours....and when i looked was the 'young poojari' playing!!!!!!!!well,revolutionised...isn't it????????????????

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A puBlic seCret

Hi all,
the story i'm 'bout to say nxt ,its 'bout sujith-my friend ,doin' his degrre in "UCC"!!!!!!its true and if my friend 's true,its happened last week and he's the center of point.the name-' SUJITH '.a different character in anyway,but the prob's that he'll heLp anyone in the max possible way,even if he has nothing to do with it ,and when things go little public.....well read on wat happened....due to some reosons,i ain't gonna tell you the names of some characters except our hero,coz the characters here're not FICTIOUS and UNREAL............
Sujith's friend Mr'X' has this girl-friend 'Y' and sujith says they're in LOVE [whats that..?].Last sem thay've been too busy sharing their thoughts that 'Y' got 4 suppLies ,naturally ,she was upset with her result,eager to confirm the results,X and Y sets up the plan to goto MGuniversity and know the truth and they call our hero's help [sujith's],well,hero knows the way to kottayam and he agrees to give them a company and 'X' told him to make the jorney a secRet!and the result was TRUE,she has 4 supplies,now they're happy,relieved coz what they heard was true...on their way back,this X and Y becomes so close that sujith becomes really an ASSET to them ,and they even told it directly to our poor hero.When reached "thalayolaparambu",'X' tells him to leave the car and catch one bus!!!!!well,sujith let the car go....
now another incident....sujith's best friend 'X2' already had a friendship with a girl,'Y2' and he wnt to Xtend, but she realises it and nicEly ended,this sem,he's in a so called friendship with his classmate and he wnts to play the same trick with this girl and he tells sujith the matter.Sujith always tells me 'bout this Crazy friend,but now he's more serious....but sujith smells the problem...she's already in xxxxxxship with a seniour which they calls-LOVE!!!!but the fact is that she's also close to'X2',but not as X2 imajines,that,they always sits by sharing their hands over each's shoulder,which the poor seniour didn't knOw.
ok,rewind,lets come to the journey of X and Y to the university.On their way,sujith tells X the case of X2 and his problem.the girl also hears its a public secret!!!!!!then happens our hero's depart at thalayolaparambu!
The next day:another fresh morning:
during the interval,the seniour comes to the class,and wat he saw...well 'his' girl with her hands on the shoulders of another one.....sureLy,terrible to digest for any Real nxt moment,he's violent and attacKs 'X2',and after ,'X2' to the seniour:"who said you this...?",all the class went in a slow motion mode or bullet time mode of matrix,and there comes the seniour :"its SUJITH",all the class-all the students-sujith in the middle,he says even his herat beat's heard in that moment's silence!!!!!all over,seniour says 'goodBye' to the girl,girl says goodBye to'X2'..and now 'X2' looks at sujith,the best friend,well he can't say anything..........and later the seniour says the truth "it was 'X' who told him the matter".
The afternoon:lunch brake:
'very one 's having their lunch,and suddenly one loud question to Mr'X':"hey 'X',how was ur trip yesterday????" and some other comment from the back:"well,Y'day sujith reached home at 7:00 pm"!!!!!!! 'X' looks 'Y', 'Y' looks sujith,well he's again silent,just understands his condition!!!!!!!
The Dusk:'round 6:30 pm:
i make the call to sujith,well his brother attended it and replied "he's sleeping-a bad HEAD.ACHE!!!!!!!!!!After some minutes,sujith Re-called me and said"i thought,it were some bloody class-mates".......................................

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

how do i guess at the future ?

how do i guess at the future ? ,well its one serious question evry one's'having in their i've the answer for you............its 'PRESENT' know,i'm just that avarage guy looking serious to my road ahead.I've always come up with this question and 'll spoil my entire time.
fOR me ,LIFE is more riskY than trying to eyeball the pretty girl living opposite .
i was indeed hoping for an answer.Then,i read "THE ALCHEMIST" by PAULO COELO.Its a good book,its not an advisory book,nor philosophical.Its a story 'bout a guy who travells in search of his dream of finding the treasures to the pyramids of egypt.Well,the caption itself is "A MAGICAL FABLE ABOUT FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM ".not that 'i'm that perfect guy who found the secret of life.But indeed it brought me some magical fable in me,maybe its for the time being,but one thing i felt,its true that 'LIFE IS NOT JUST TO ENDURE WITH',its to live,for me LIFE is "Live In ForEver"............

The author lights that ....The secret is here in the present.If you pay attention to the present,you can improve upon it.And if you improve upon the present,what comes later will also be better...."well,simple to hear,but we all know its difficult when it comes to reality.
Every January and July 1'st week,when my new semester begins,i make the pledges and prayers "atleast make this semester your's",every one feels the same way.Everyone 'll prepare for the first day,then after reaching the college, the first day,its all over,we are back to what we i right????Then its all as usual.."Eat when its time to eat.And move along when its time to move along".The assignments,internal exams......all just at the right time,for assignments -that morning and for internal exams-' the good yesterdays'.
In the story ,the camel driver says this to the boy......"When i'm eating,thats all i think about.If I'm on the march,i just concentrate on marching.I have to fight,it will be just as good a day to die as any other.
Because I don't live in either my past or my future.I'm interested only in the present.If you can cocentrate always on the present,you'll be a happy man.You'll see that there is life in the desert,that there are stars in the heavens and that tribesman fight because they're part of human race.Life will be a party for you,a grand festival,because Life is the moment we're living right now."........................
well,it feels to be living atlest for me,thats why i decided to blog on this,very special thoughts , dreams ......anyway I'm not here to advice you people,but i think it'll bring us atleast 5 minutes to think on that wild guess.................

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Monday, May 02, 2005

searching spiritual india.

Hi ,
i'd been to B'lore last december and was there for a week,screwing up my brother's time ...buying T-shirts and CDs , doin' bunchee jumping...experiencing all that typical B'lore stuffs in living.I had no return ticket,so i used my brother's [he'd planned to come to kerala the later weekend and he went for his usual TREKKING with his orkut friends exploring the southern hilly areas 'round M'lore and C'nore,reaching home an 8 hrs late than planned].
OK,lets go with my train journey.I'd the second class ticket and my section were seated with 2 software enggrs [one from ACCENTURE and the other GE,both completed MCA from CUSAT ],one student doin' nursing,and the other ISRAELi girl and a French guy.Israeli's name was "YALLEAGO" and the frnech -"ALEX".and the indians were sharing their experiences in india.Yalleago first visited 'varanasi' and she says its the most "screwed up " place she'd ever been,and that she doesn't wnt to remember any on varanasi!The thing's that she's from ARMY ,resigned and's currently doin a research in psycatry.She's here searching to find more elements she could add to her credit.She was actually goin to meet her cousins living in MATTANCHERY,she's a JEW.that,she says her parents were here and she was flown to israel...and now she's back again after years...a kind of film stuff!She had her HEBREW books,with more symbols than letters....and she said all 'bout her in india....and last ,that she liked the high living life of B'lore...,when she said it,the french guy interrupted her...a typical french man,7 feet..wearing our tradition JUBBA and PYJAMA...well,he's different from others,that he's here in discovering a more spiritual india than just enjoying the beaches and hills....his favorite's our "GANAPATHY",he says he's strongly influenced by the hindu customs and beliefs.He was in B'lore to see 'SATHYA SAI BABA',then i told him "I'M too a sai follower" ,then he asked me whether i had that golden chance to sit just infront of BABA,well i ain't,but he'd!He said he feels to be in heaven in sitting infront of him.....all fell silent when he was sharing this!Then he briefed that he is tired of HIGH LIVING and he's here to feel the true power and essence of Spirituality,that only INDIA has it!
But he 's'n't a crack,he says he has enjoyed his life to the limits..even travelled in the 'intercontinental express train'-THE FRENCH 'TGV',that the train goes so fast,we barely can've attention to a particular spot.400KPH in a train...thats just an awesome experience.But the 2 said,they like this journey,a slow and calm journey...sharing thoughts and ideas..train journey in india is just an 'another' experience.Both the 'outcomes' slept at 'round 22:00 hrs.Actually i got the upper birth reservation,but i have no interest in sleeping in trains,the fact 's that i wnt to enjoy the environment at night time,you know,its beutiful to enjoy the earth in dark and then,yalleago with a lower birth asked whether i'm ready to give up my upper birth,ofcourse I'm.....i like to explore in the dark..its beutiful to see the typical trees,hills and houses of TN,KAR,and KER in the dark,when every lights are off in the train,when every one's sleeping,you'll feel something special .Its my case.At that time ,we're alone,with the eyes wide open,feels like-its just you and the train alive in this whole world,like the HUTCH trailer says-"you and this beutiful world......"traversing the places,like i said,its just an 'another' experience.
at 'round 4:00 am ,we reached palakkad ,and then i got the company of this nursing student,she's entering the final yr,her brother's also doin nursing there.and ,when i asked her 'bout the life in B'lore,well,it was not a good ans,she says she's all fed-up with her life there...she told me 'bout her hostel,the facilities,the kind of food they get,the partiality some teachers 're showing....well compared to that,my life in FISAT is surely a party for me.My friend,when he completed +2,he got 7500 in the kerala entrance and was not able to get a seat in mechanical his favorite college,then he went to ERODE to do the same course in some other college there.But after 2 months ,he returned,his experience was also the same,but she hasn't quit.He repeated the next year and got 1000!!!now,he's doin his favorite course in mechanical in his favorite college "MA COLLEGE",good job done my friend......the kind of guts he showed..its just great...

Soul of formula one

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Ayrton Senna.............

Hi all,
T'day ,i know, for all the formula one fans out there , its our MAY DAY.-11 years from now,but still.........Ayrton Senna,the ultimate racer met his death at the SAN MARINO GRAND PRIX,imola,italy........he was leading the race when the catastrophie happened......Gerhard Berger said "There was something supernatural 'bout him.An aura,as if he came from another planet and therefore had more insight,more brain cells,more power,more energy."and Berger agrres that "Being slower because of an inferior car didn't occur to him.There was just Senna,the rest belonged behind him".........The competition during those days were so intense,...certainly the drivers had to cop up a great effort to bring the car under control.I've'n't seen him racing live,indeed the only footage i saw of him was his car crashing into the walls of tamburello.Still,he's like a superharo,like a Batman or Superman...just someone 'bove.
30'th April,saturday Afternoon...:
The qualifying was 'bout to begin.The less powerful cars were already on the track.Senna and the other drivers were having their look on the pit monitors,but then,suddenly,the "simtek" of 'ROLAND RATZENBERGER' wildly spins and hit the wall at 308 KPH,an immediate death....senna was moved than anyone.he even cried at the shoulders of professor Watkin's.another DEATH after 8 years,..............its IMOLA.............

MAY 1,sunday.......the race.......:
with Roland's fears,the cars lined up with no safety car,and when the race started J.JLehto's car stalls,and immediate tension builds up in every one,coz the cars are streking in high stakes,and then one Pedro Lamy spots the danger and sideswipes the benetton.Safetycar's out,an opel vectra driven by the best of italians in the lower formulas-MAX ANGELELLI,the imola track is unique coz its the only ANTI-CLOCKWISE-track in the whole calender,comprising up-hills and down-hills,the track was indeed unique.U know,the drivers in the safety car should be proffessionals in a sense that they've to drive infront of the leader in an ordinary car to F1,and they should keep the car in ctrl.....the car wasn't going as the drivers expected,even senna came too close to the safety car and he has been complaining constantly to the pits,coz when the F1 car is low in speed,its tyre temperature would rise resulting in a much decrease in pressure thereby causing the ride height of the car to be decreased....and a low ride height means ur car's more unsteerable.MAX also knew it,but he can't do anything,he can't slip either...5 laps of safety parade...the sixth lap,the race's resumed and tyre pressure was increasing but the car was too low,senna was flat out for a moment,but then ,at the awesome Tamburello,the WILLIAMS takes the deviation and slams the cocrete walls...the crowds,the tifosis,millions 'round the globe....all silent......RED FLAG 's out,race's stopped,the helicopter lands at the tamburello,Martials,Security men,Doctors...'veryone arrives for the desperate help.....Helicopter takesoff and dissappears into the trees...indeed it was taking the SOUL OF FORMULA ONE away............race 's restarted after,and in his second pitstop,BERGER gets out of his ferrari [he was in lead then] and arranges the chopper to BOLOGNA HOSPITAL.But he knew,AYRTON was dying..........the race was won by the mighty MICHEAL SCHUMACHER,with MIKA finishing third and its the day he made that sentence,the sentence he would never forget,the sentence he wished he hadn't told it "THE RACE WAS GOOD FUN.."At 7:35 pm,it conforms to the world that at 18:40,all cardiac activities stopped,the death is confirmed.its said senna would've been virually unharmed if a part of the suspention hadn't been launched through his visor into his helmet and head."IT WAS A QUESTION OF CENTIMETERS..."

Millions in BRAZIL paid their last respects,His funeral was broadcasted live on television all over the world......
MONACO ,15'th may :
First place is left empty in honour of SENNA.Barrichello and Fittipaldi,the brazilians unrolled the flag,"a brazilian flag with a picture os senna in the yellow diamond,his insperable blue cap on his head,behind him the shape of the circuit at imola,like a crumpled nimbus.In the green,two words: ADEUS Ayrton..................................."

COURTESY:"FORMULA 1 FANATIC" by KOEN VERGEER...............................................