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Friday, April 29, 2005

Helping hands of future

T'day,it was overcast from 5'pm ownwards and finally it rained heavily for some 4 minutes and when the clouds were cleared at 7'Oclock,wow,the sky was just amazing,the stars were shining more than usual-may be my thoughts,maybe the moisture and airdrops added more to it,but the day was something special......... it just making my mind more cool,the song from coldlay-"yellow"....................:
'look at the stars.........
look how they shine for you............''''

2 days ago,saw "extreme machines" in discovery channel,one of my favorites in cable TV.The topic was "supersight",the technology which enables & has already enabled man to see beyond the dark,from stealth fighters to human soldiers all equipped with new age nightvision technology,robots that can rescue people when a building's under fire and human fire fighters can't getin,infraRed scanners and machines in busy airports and secret agents that enabled to revealed whats deep under our cloths and bags.......In the US-MEXICO border lots of trucks are coming from mexico to us per day,when i say truck its not like we see here,its big ,from volvo to scannia to renault-all huge ones,so the police mayn't know when a bag of illegal drugs are hidden beneath the truck,so what they did was-they created a room equipped with infrared scanners in every possible corners and pass the truck through it,which NOW enables the officers to stop DRUGGING from mexico to US.....ok,i'm not here to tell 'bout supersight.

In the year 2003,the first year of my,i did a swish-presentation for my seniour [EI],it was 'bout "limp prosthetics",actually a chip which is integrated into our hand,and it enabled the muscles to work properly for the 'disabled people.According to me,there's no technology more rewarding than that,making a disabled person walk is still a wonder,and last year this guy approached for another presentation,eventhough it never saw light,but i was ready with the topic,it was "DIGITAL BRAIN"-something very much unusual,still in developing phase,but this technology has got all to help mentally ill people to gain self-control over them,or the chip integrated into their brain works more like a computer making them take decisions,interact with people...and the SUPER COMPUTER of 'stephen hawkins"...well what a technology!!!!!!!!surely,technologies like these needs much credit ......coz they make people find HOPE in them...........


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