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Thursday, April 28, 2005

F1 is back in europe............................

Hi everyone,
its surely gonna a miss if u didn't get the ITALIAN-IMOLA GP,LIVE.!as chris goodwin and steve slator says-"FORMULA ONE IS BACK IN EUROPE",trully reflects the senses.
I 've no words other than the hero and his predecessor->surely,Micheal&Alonso!.But when it comes to racing i certainly enjoyed the big-train-battle for 3'rd,4'th,5'th,6'th and 7'th-with sato outperforming webber to his inside.....another brave move from the japanese.
and a good battle from webber,alex and ofcourse-THE JACQUES VILLINEUVE...............
&ofcourse our mighty rookie-NARAIN........

Me,being an ANTI-FERRARI,and more an ANTI-MICHEAL,but stillbeing a true race fanatic,a formula one fanatic,i cant just keep shut up.I should say it and i will say it,its all"MICHEAL",he drove one of the best races of his entire career.The entire team gets the praise,coz its aint easy to end up with a podium finish,certainly when you're starting from 13'th on the grid and that too,behind the thirsty michelin runners!!!Ross Brown-the pit and radio engg.for micheal has done his job and plotted it 100% right,coz he sensed the right moments to bring his ferrari 'in & out' of the pits to an amazing second,and when ross and the pit crew has done their jobs,its all upto micheal.and he has done it again!Just giving alonso the breathing space and sometimes not an inch!!!!Arun-another ferrari freak had just called me when micheal made his brave move on JENSON BUTTON,up into the second position.For a moment,i just gone a MICHEAL FAN,and for that last moments of the race,i just wished-'micheal overtook alonso!'.

Turning to alonso,well,its his hatrickwin in here,italy,straight from sepang and bahrain!He just showed everybody,how to hold on to the pressure from the best on track,,how to keep the car within the limits,still rocketing it beyond the limits......another smart&perfect drive from the spaniard-the youngest race winner..It would have been so hard for him to keep that scarlet ferrari,right behind his renault tail all the way to the chequerd flag!He must've lost 'bout 3.7 KG for holding on the pole till end-you know,these guys 're experiencing the xtreme Ge-Forces of nature-a rush of blood to the head,so intense to adjust with the RED-OUT,only experienced by the fighting aggressors in mid air.!surely-ALONSO takes the credit for his spectacular drive!

and its BUTTON back on form,though not upto our expectations the kind of drive he made,still he's back,not him,BAR-HONDA are back on business!!!They've been lacking to get that perfect line to get the maximum of those rear wings,now that they've done much wind tunnel testings,they say now the've to fix with the front wing,and thats why we saw BUTTON making wide on the exits,and MICHEAL judged it and used it perfectly,overtaking him on his way to the tamburello-the turn that took the LIFE OF ALL TIME LEGEND IN F1---"AYRTON SENNA",a terrible crash at 215KPH in his williams FW 16 whie on lead giving the pole to micheal-the then winner in MAY 1'st ,imola!!!

and last,the FATEST,FASTEST and the unluckiest of all-the guy with the edge,and "my all time hero"-its none other than the ICEMAN KIMI-kimi raikkonen.He has done it again-outperforming his own car,pushed too dangerously,with over 3.5 sec laead over alonso in the 9'th lap itself,untill it came to him like a ghost-a left shaft damage!!!!!damn his car's so good on speed,we saw it on the screens,its quick enough to go beyond the renaults ,and the fact that,its only 4 out of 19 completed,i still have my confidence on him,and it will be with me forever.He showed us during the qualifying and that 9 laps,that he can bring his car way front of ranaults or the alonsos,the only thing that ,he needs to have the right car,the car-to beat the renault!The McLaren MP4-20 is so quick,but it needs to improve when it comes to reliability.I don't know why-it always happens to KIMI,is that he is pushing his car way beyond the limits???

Go KIMI-'re the answer to Alonso's challenge-"we are the car to beat"..........and the challenge moves to the next round,the spanish grand prix,will it be KIMI's answer to alonso?will it be a return for the F-2005? or, will it be another alonso GP infront of his home fans!!!!!!!!!!

SEE U IN SPAIN!!!!live with STAR SPORTS!!!!


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