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Friday, April 29, 2005

Helping hands of future

T'day,it was overcast from 5'pm ownwards and finally it rained heavily for some 4 minutes and when the clouds were cleared at 7'Oclock,wow,the sky was just amazing,the stars were shining more than usual-may be my thoughts,maybe the moisture and airdrops added more to it,but the day was something special......... it just making my mind more cool,the song from coldlay-"yellow"....................:
'look at the stars.........
look how they shine for you............''''

2 days ago,saw "extreme machines" in discovery channel,one of my favorites in cable TV.The topic was "supersight",the technology which enables & has already enabled man to see beyond the dark,from stealth fighters to human soldiers all equipped with new age nightvision technology,robots that can rescue people when a building's under fire and human fire fighters can't getin,infraRed scanners and machines in busy airports and secret agents that enabled to revealed whats deep under our cloths and bags.......In the US-MEXICO border lots of trucks are coming from mexico to us per day,when i say truck its not like we see here,its big ,from volvo to scannia to renault-all huge ones,so the police mayn't know when a bag of illegal drugs are hidden beneath the truck,so what they did was-they created a room equipped with infrared scanners in every possible corners and pass the truck through it,which NOW enables the officers to stop DRUGGING from mexico to US.....ok,i'm not here to tell 'bout supersight.

In the year 2003,the first year of my,i did a swish-presentation for my seniour [EI],it was 'bout "limp prosthetics",actually a chip which is integrated into our hand,and it enabled the muscles to work properly for the 'disabled people.According to me,there's no technology more rewarding than that,making a disabled person walk is still a wonder,and last year this guy approached for another presentation,eventhough it never saw light,but i was ready with the topic,it was "DIGITAL BRAIN"-something very much unusual,still in developing phase,but this technology has got all to help mentally ill people to gain self-control over them,or the chip integrated into their brain works more like a computer making them take decisions,interact with people...and the SUPER COMPUTER of 'stephen hawkins"...well what a technology!!!!!!!!surely,technologies like these needs much credit ......coz they make people find HOPE in them...........

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before reading this,let me tell u something,that i'm not a film freak,and i enjoy good-classic films and i just wnt to share my experience yeterday in a cafe and its afterthinking on......but mind it i'm not an ANTI-TAMIL FILM,or anti -anybody,and i'm here not to focus on some FLOP films,but 'if you're remaking something,do it as original',and i just can't hide my feelings when i saw this film yesterday....

'd been to my friend's cafe in the afternoon.He was seeing a film,a tamil film,so i didn't interrupted him.I also joined him.I was in the middle of the film and naturally wasn't getting anything.But the scene was as usual in case of TAMIL FILMS.One 'tamil stallone' looking very angry,with his steel body,was looking back and forth for the hero to come in.The camera was moving in 360 degrre,and the tensed villain continued to rotate with the moving camera.And then the camera went to 'SHEELA MAM',the renowned actress of 60's from kerala,she was also upset!The camera again returned to the villain,the 360 degree continued....suddenly ,just as the camera reached the exact back of the villain,one hand appeared and a "dishoooom....",the villain goes a kilometer or so,off through the glasses..through the he's angry,'s seriously looking for the hero to come in,another 360 degree shot,just as the camera 's 'round his back,the hand reappears,another "dishooom..",and there goes the villain the second time,this time he landed around some barrels,in the outside 'sheela mam was confused' and huge fireworks display was goin on there.The villain was more confused this time,and it happens again....the villain was flying for the third time.....he landed with his back hitting the ground but the blood came also from the front chest...wat a hot hit yaar..???another 360 degree shot but this time off through the dusts comes our hero,with a stealth black coat,but no dust ........"RAJNI KANTH"!!!!!!!!!I continued to watch his usual steps,i was hoping for MORE MAGIC STUFFS from the hero....coz i've heard more such stuffs,more magical,stuffs even make DAVID BLAYNE cry!!!!!after some seconds the fight sequence transferred to a roof top,the villain did his best,but its our hero na...especially a TAMIL HERO....and a hero with so much support......the villain become desperate and finally he was surrendered,i was sad coz i didn't get MORE from him.

i said OK to my fellow friend,but just before laeving the cafe i asked him the film's name,then he asked me"can you?", i hoped it were some 'BASHA,or ARUNACHALAM....."but the answer shocked me!It was "CHANDRAMUKHI",i've heard that the malayalam classic film"MANICHITHRATHAZHU" was remaking into tamil with RAJNI replacing MOHANLAL,and the name was same-"chandramukhi",But where is such a fight sequence in 'manichithrathazhu'????what the hell thay've done to the original one?????,and this 's only one fight sequence i witnessed in the cafe,ARUN said there's more,that THE WATCHOWSKY BROTHERS may be back to remake THE MATRIX TRILOGY............................... infact,what i noticed was that,for every scene RAJNI has the MATCHING COOLING GLASSES,one yellow,light blue and BLACK!!!!!Even they'd included a duet song of RAJNI with NAYAN THARA,which is not not not at all needed.....coz,the story could 've been more real if they'd avoided the action scenes,duet song with nayan thara,and some jokes,infact i'm not making a rebel or so ,and i just gone speechless when i was told that the film is 'housefull' and is fully bucked and packed for the next week in the PVR cinemas,Bangalore!!!!!!

alright,maybe i'm thinking different from the rest of the world,or is it the other way 'round????

I just remembered the film "UDAYANANU THARAM",a rescent film in malayalam .In that film mohanlal[ML] is playing the role of a director,and SREENIVASAN[SRN] is playing the role of a busy actor.One day in the middle of the shooting,ML reads the script and the scene was 'arresting SRN by some local constables',and suddenly SRN tells him to change the script!!!!he says"I'M THE HERO,so if police arrests ME infront of every one it would be shame for my fans in the state!!!so," I WILL KNOCK OFF SOME GUNDAS & WILL PROUDLY GOTO THE POLICE STATION "[so to get his fans applause]......and that he need 51 cooling glasses for the 51 shots of his film!The only difference's that "chandramukhi" is going in a serious manner and "udayananu tharam" is going in a more humorous manner,displaying what these actors are doing to the film industry,they only wnt to make the fans happy,no matter how the story goes[even what the story is!!],they needs some fighting sequence,where the hero can handle even 100 GUNDAS with VADIVALU!!!!

surely,now i understands the theme of "udayananu tharam".i'm not here to critisize the tamil films or "CHANDRAMUKHI",but knowing its the remake of a classic hit,they shouldn't've gone for the fighting sequences....cooling glasses.....Malayalam scene once experienced such effect when ML entered the rajni era with "NARASIMHAM",which was a hit actually...but the then released films,even the second part of another classic hit"devasuram",was a failure when compared to its predecessor.But 'udayananu tharam' is different in a respect that its only when you see some films or most of the films from 'RAJNI','VIJAY','AJITH' [recent yeras]'ll understand what the director was telling in 'udayananu tharam'......................................

I now itself rememberes ,the rumours on an old tamil hit "DALAPATHY",where there's a scene where the renowned malayalam actor MAMMOOTY dies in the end.But actually the scene was planned for RAJNIKANTH instead of MAMMOOTY,and the film played for the first time with RAJNIKANTH'S death, when it played in TAMIL NADU for the first time,the local RAJNI FANS became violent and they attacked the theaters and destroyed the theater screens,even burned the screen into flames,only because RAJNI died in the end.The film then was remaked with MAMMOOTY dying in the end.Whatever i've heard on this film,may be true,or mayn't be,but there've benn cases like this.

But i do join that,he's still out there,in the world of teens &bachelors,when his old heroines plays age old mothers and grand mothers,he's still out there,in the front,still young,living,dancing with the GALS.........Surely when you say SUPERSTAR in tamil,its him-RAJNI-KANTH,in films,in politics,he's there in the middle,in people,for the people..................

'copying' from another language is also dangerous,coz everyone knows or its a common talk that the director vinayan's SATYAM was a 'copy paste' of the tamil film 'kaaka kaaka',especially when PRITHVIRAJ tried to replaced SURYA in a hit song sequence,it just"UN-SAHIKKABLE""

so we can hope for more other languages remaking our films,like hindi with 'HULCHUL,....'bacause its directed by our PRIYADARSHAN in hindi its a hit,not that,it'll be a hit there,only when we see it here that we know its the remake of this film,only at that time we'll know how much standard our films had.For instance i once saw the remake of "PARAKKUM THALIKA",in telugu.....oh...UN-SAHIKKABLE!!!!!!!!The actor playing the role of DILEEP,oh......i just wished it bagged an OSCAR.

you know,this's a fact i got from a recent news paper that the bollywood is on its way to the 90's hollywood.coz,in the early 90's hollywood employed many sexy as well as sex scenes in their films having thought those scenes would win the box office,but it only tampered hollywood,all the beutiful actresses including MEG RYAN,CATHERINE ZETA JONES OR ANJELINA JOLIE,have come after,what the paper claims is that or.what we actually sees in T'days hindi films,some hot and sexy girls with mini skirts turtling 'round boys,many many films,from BIPASHA BASU to ANTHARA MALI to xxxxxx,i don't know many,but is this t'morrows bollywood???thnx that there're some 'kal hona ho's,and swadesh's ".......but its great that malayalam films 've'n't been upto such a mark.

Anyway,i'm not gonna try for some research in films and i've got a train load to catch up with this semester but FILMS- tamil films or hindi films or telugu films or malayalam films,......each has itsown flops and hitz...but one thing i'm sure there've been an era when malayalam films standed unmatchable,and thats why "manichitrathazhu" even after years still lives in us....and lets hope it'll happen again.............

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

F1 is back in europe............................

Hi everyone,
its surely gonna a miss if u didn't get the ITALIAN-IMOLA GP,LIVE.!as chris goodwin and steve slator says-"FORMULA ONE IS BACK IN EUROPE",trully reflects the senses.
I 've no words other than the hero and his predecessor->surely,Micheal&Alonso!.But when it comes to racing i certainly enjoyed the big-train-battle for 3'rd,4'th,5'th,6'th and 7'th-with sato outperforming webber to his inside.....another brave move from the japanese.
and a good battle from webber,alex and ofcourse-THE JACQUES VILLINEUVE...............
&ofcourse our mighty rookie-NARAIN........

Me,being an ANTI-FERRARI,and more an ANTI-MICHEAL,but stillbeing a true race fanatic,a formula one fanatic,i cant just keep shut up.I should say it and i will say it,its all"MICHEAL",he drove one of the best races of his entire career.The entire team gets the praise,coz its aint easy to end up with a podium finish,certainly when you're starting from 13'th on the grid and that too,behind the thirsty michelin runners!!!Ross Brown-the pit and radio engg.for micheal has done his job and plotted it 100% right,coz he sensed the right moments to bring his ferrari 'in & out' of the pits to an amazing second,and when ross and the pit crew has done their jobs,its all upto micheal.and he has done it again!Just giving alonso the breathing space and sometimes not an inch!!!!Arun-another ferrari freak had just called me when micheal made his brave move on JENSON BUTTON,up into the second position.For a moment,i just gone a MICHEAL FAN,and for that last moments of the race,i just wished-'micheal overtook alonso!'.

Turning to alonso,well,its his hatrickwin in here,italy,straight from sepang and bahrain!He just showed everybody,how to hold on to the pressure from the best on track,,how to keep the car within the limits,still rocketing it beyond the limits......another smart&perfect drive from the spaniard-the youngest race winner..It would have been so hard for him to keep that scarlet ferrari,right behind his renault tail all the way to the chequerd flag!He must've lost 'bout 3.7 KG for holding on the pole till end-you know,these guys 're experiencing the xtreme Ge-Forces of nature-a rush of blood to the head,so intense to adjust with the RED-OUT,only experienced by the fighting aggressors in mid air.!surely-ALONSO takes the credit for his spectacular drive!

and its BUTTON back on form,though not upto our expectations the kind of drive he made,still he's back,not him,BAR-HONDA are back on business!!!They've been lacking to get that perfect line to get the maximum of those rear wings,now that they've done much wind tunnel testings,they say now the've to fix with the front wing,and thats why we saw BUTTON making wide on the exits,and MICHEAL judged it and used it perfectly,overtaking him on his way to the tamburello-the turn that took the LIFE OF ALL TIME LEGEND IN F1---"AYRTON SENNA",a terrible crash at 215KPH in his williams FW 16 whie on lead giving the pole to micheal-the then winner in MAY 1'st ,imola!!!

and last,the FATEST,FASTEST and the unluckiest of all-the guy with the edge,and "my all time hero"-its none other than the ICEMAN KIMI-kimi raikkonen.He has done it again-outperforming his own car,pushed too dangerously,with over 3.5 sec laead over alonso in the 9'th lap itself,untill it came to him like a ghost-a left shaft damage!!!!!damn his car's so good on speed,we saw it on the screens,its quick enough to go beyond the renaults ,and the fact that,its only 4 out of 19 completed,i still have my confidence on him,and it will be with me forever.He showed us during the qualifying and that 9 laps,that he can bring his car way front of ranaults or the alonsos,the only thing that ,he needs to have the right car,the car-to beat the renault!The McLaren MP4-20 is so quick,but it needs to improve when it comes to reliability.I don't know why-it always happens to KIMI,is that he is pushing his car way beyond the limits???

Go KIMI-'re the answer to Alonso's challenge-"we are the car to beat"..........and the challenge moves to the next round,the spanish grand prix,will it be KIMI's answer to alonso?will it be a return for the F-2005? or, will it be another alonso GP infront of his home fans!!!!!!!!!!

SEE U IN SPAIN!!!!live with STAR SPORTS!!!!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

icecool welcomes you to coolBlog.

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